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Adapted swimming

Adapted swimming

The adapted swimming takes place in a 25 or 50 meter`s swimming pool.

The activities are led by a kinesitherapist, a swimming trainer and a trainer in adapted physical activity and sport.

The exercises are both individual and in groups depending on the physical preparation and abilities of each child.

The individual ones aim to prepare in a technical and physical manner each child for their further group activities with other children. The children come to know the parameters of the swimming pool, they learn how to control correctly their breathing, to react in an aquatic environment, to concentrate, to orientate, to swim different styles and some other technical specifics according to their abilities.

In the group activities take part children who can swim. Those kind of activities mean to improve the swimming techniques, to increase the physical endurance and speed and to build psychological sustainability and competitive spirit.

The adapted swimming is a continuation of the aqua therapy. It has the purpose to develop one child`s motor and mental abilities and to help them become independent and responsible people who know how to cope with the difficulties of life.