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Aqua therapy

Water rehabilitation

The water rehabilitation is a supporting therapy in the treatment of children with physical and mental impairments.

It is conducted by kinesitherapists in a small swimming pool equipped in accordance with the needs of the therapy.

The activities are individual and the therapists exercise a direct control over what is happening in the swimming pool. They also follow a specific rehabilitation program depending on the children`s needs.

Our aim is to take advantage of the physical properties of the water in order to contribute to children`s motor and mental development. The basis of the water rehabilitation lies behind the Ten Point System of Halliwick . Some modified techniques of therapy-related methodologies for children are also used. The aquatic environment serves as a way to improve one child`s emotional state and to suppress the pathological reflexes. Through specific therapeutic technique and devices and depending on the potential, the children can be trained how to turn back, to make a quadrilateral stance, to crawl, to sit independently, to stand and to walk.